More than anti-counterfeit.

We don't just do anti-counterfeit, we provide a platform for brands to deliver the most accurate information about their products directly to customers. Build trust with your customers and let them buy with confidence.

Brand Protection

Don’t let counterfeiters damage your brand. Protect your reputation and prevent revenue loss by utilizing our proven and effective anti-counterfeit solution.

Low Cost Solution

Whether you’re a small startup or a multi-state brand, our low cost pricing enables anyone to adopt our system.

Safe & Compliant Products

Don’t put your customers at risk. Help restrict counterfeiting and ensure customers have access to only verified safe and compliant products.

Proven Effective

Our patent pending system has been tried and tested and has proven to be an extremely effective and efficient anti-counterfeit solution.

Customer Connection

Talk to your customers. Connect and engage directly with your customers through our platform. Educate your customers with accurate product information.

Easy to Implement

Our simple solution is easy to implement and integrate into your existing process. No special equipment or machinery is needed to get started.

Accurate information at your customers’ fingertips.

When a customer scans your product, they see the information you enter, so you’re in control of what your customer sees. Our LiveLabel™ technology allows you to update product information and deactivate serials in real time, at any time.

Educate Customers & Budtenders

Make sure your customers are always getting the most accurate information about your products. Help dispensaries educate their budtenders about your products with accurate information.

Real Time Updates with LiveLabel™

Update or add important product information, such as recall notices, at any time. Any update will instantly be available to customers the next time your product is scanned. Deactivate serials at any time for lost or stolen batches.

Lab Results

Test your products with our integrated lab partners to display interactive lab result charts directly to your customers when they scan your product.

Connect with your customers.

Our platform provides a direct channel of communication between you and your customer. Build strong relationships with your customers by talking to them directly.

Customer Engagement

Use our system to increase customer engagement by allowing customers to scan your products and win prizes. Provide mystery products where customers scan the seal to reveal what they got. Our flexible platform allows you to be creative with your marketing campaigns.

Customer Insights

Find out where your products are being scanned and learn which products do best in which regions with our analytics.

Get Started

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