Brand Protection and Customer Connection for the Cannabis & Hemp Industry

CannVerify protects your products with a unique serial number linked to our blockchain based product verification system and connects you to your customers.

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How It Works


Secure your packaging with our tamper proof, serialized, security seal with unique QR code.


Add detailed product information and easily activate serials in bulk using our online system.


Customers can verify your product’s authenticity and view product information by scanning the QR code on any mobile device.

A proven & effective anti-counterfeit solution.

Access to safe and compliant products is more important than ever. Counterfeit products not only damage brands, but bring major health risks to consumers.

Our unique approach to anti-counterfeiting combines several key features to create one robust system. Each one of our tamper proof, security seals is connected to our online platform, creating a complete, closed loop system.

Custom Branded Holographic Seal

We can design a custom tamper proof security seal of any shape and size to fit your brand and packaging. Each seal features multiple security features, including a unique serial number and QR code with a matching scratch off verification code.

2-Step Verification

Scan the QR code to view product information, then enter the scratch off verification code to authenticate the product. Display your products publicly without worrying about exposing the serial number.

One-time Use

Serials can only be verified one time. Once a serial has been verified, it cannot be verified again. This prevents any attempt to reuse or duplicate a seal.

Lab Results

Test your products with our integrated lab partners to display interactive lab result charts directly to your customers when they scan your product.

Smart Alerts

Customers are notified of any unusual activity with a serial when scanned. We actively monitor serials for suspicious activity.

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